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Dr. Kelvin McCree

Signature Keynotes

Unlock your teams full potential with one of our Signature Keynotes.


Be The Spark: "Developing Talent To Make A Difference Without A Title"

Jeremy Bravo states, “Great leaders don’t set out to be great leaders. They set out to make a difference.” 

In today’s agile and ever-changing work environment, one thing we all have learned is, many of our concepts have changed. This includes how we work and the concept of leadership.

All organizations seek to build, manage programs and build a community of supporters. Doing so means, they must rely on the willing cooperation of colleagues from the executive down to the earliest entry-level employees.

In the “Be The Spark: “Developing Talent to Make A Difference Without A Title” presentation, we address a common challenge for the development of program leaders to inspire early talent and help them to unlock their inner awesome, tap into their influence, and feel valued as a vital component of the organization.


  • You will be inspired to positively impact your organization and make a difference from right where you are.

  • You will possess the skills to build loyalty, inspire decision-making, and ignite your workplace culture.

  • You will understand the value to taking ownership of your growth and the importance of becoming the CEO of You!

  • You will know how to make excellence your calling card and personal brand.

  • You will possess the strategy and framework for getting 1% better each day and ultimately transform your effectiveness and productivity.

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"Unleashing Staff Potential & Thriving In A V.U.C.A. World"

The business world has changed dramatically over the past few years, and we now live in a connected society where change can be fast-paced, constant and unpredictable.

Rapid advances and changes from technology to social media, global events, the COVID 19 pandemic, and, most recently, conflict in Ukraine, have increased the sense of turbulence, danger and unpredictability.

A VUCA World has replaced the sense of certainty, stability and familiarity that businesses and organizations had grown accustomed to. 

The “Unleashing Staff Potential & Thriving In a VUCA World” is intended to help you, and your organization, think more critically about how to understand, lead, leverage and lift your people despite the rapid nature of change.


  • What is a VUCA World and why businesses/organizations need to fully understand it?

  • What does leadership look like in a VUCA World?

  • What does your organization need to do to succeed in a VUCA World?

  • Practical steps on how to build momentum and leverage your "people power” in a VUCA World.


  • Keys to staying focused on your vision in a VUCA world.

  • How to develop clarity to effectively handle external disruption.

  • Mental & Emotional Agility.

  • Confidence to lead through adversity.



"Amplifying Your DEI Strategies & Humanizing the Experience

John F. Kennedy once said, “If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.”


“Amplifying your DEI Strategies & Humanizing The Experience"

presentation and experience is intended to move organizations beyond the benefits of having a DEI program to understanding the core of DEI of creating a space, a culture & a structure where all people can be recognized for their value, essence and humanity. 


Given the changing dynamics in the “Future of Work”, this presentation is a forward centered approach to help organizations cultivate belonging in order to recruit and retain the best talent. 

“Amplifying your DEI Strategies & Humanizing The Experience" Seeks To Achieve (4) Important Things:


  • Provide clarity on why DEI initiatives become soiled out because organizations fail to focus on the one ingredient that anchors those initiatives.

  • Why a great DEI program begins with internal interactions with leadership.

  • Increase the value of each person and unleash a transformative culture of care.

  • Uncover how to measure moods, memories & moments and why they matter to your DEI strategies.

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"Cultivating An Agile Organization in Times of Rapid Change

With all of the volatility, affects of Covid 19, and organizational disruption, it’s time to rethink how, where, and why we all work. It’s time to think differently about the potential of your people, and what they need to be more productive, and create more value. Eric Hoffer sums it up best, “In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will live in a world that no longer exists.” 


This presentation is intended to help you, & your organization, think more critically about how to cultivate an agile organization, communicating change to a multi - generational workforce, and mentally & emotionally understand change. 


The “Cultivating An Agile Organization in Times of Rapid Change” presentation underscores the need for leaders of organizations to understand how to convey the necessity of change, the value hidden within it and how to capture the hearts of stakeholders to embrace it. 

You Will Learn Among Other Important Lessons:


  • Learn what the change curve is and why it's important to leveraging your people power.

  • Learn how to sell the value added proposition of change and increase discretionary effort.

  • Develop strategies for developing agile skills most needed in today's change environment.

  • How to increase yours’, and your team members understanding of emotional intelligence (EQ) to better manage change.

  • Strategies to Leading Change in A Multi-Generational Workforce.

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