About Laser Focus Leadership Solutions

Laser Focus Leadership Solutions  covers all the disciplines required to help you create an agile workforce.

As a leader in your organization, you always need to be prepared for change. Whether you’re dealing with a planned initiative, volatile industry or unexpected situations, change is inevitable.


With over 10 years working as Executive Coaches, we've learned a thing or two about leadership and how they impact how teams handle change.


Having worked with over 150 companies, across dozens of industries, with a 95% documented "Highly Satisified" rating, we are positioned to help leadership develop potential and gain understanding of the challenges, techniques, and burdens associated with initiating and implementing major change in an organization. 


We also know each organization is unique so, every keynote, training and presentation is customized, utilizing our Client Needs Assessment.



Dr. Kelvin McCree, MA, Ph.D.

As the Chief Learning Officer of Laser Focus Leadership Solutions, LLC, Dr. McCree’s signature programs are focused on cultivating an agile workforce and increasing employee engagement.  

He has contracted with a host of Who’s Who List of clients including, City of Lakeland, Aveda Corporation, Fuse Lenses, New York Tax Authority and Wells Fargo. 

Whether live or virtual, his presentations are not just fun, but inspiring and action oriented. 

Dr. McCree also host the new growth and success tv show, The Pivot, airing weekdays on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV.

Dr. McCree is a native of St. Petersburg, FL and currently resides in the Central Florida region with his beautiful wife Evette McCree. They have one adult daughter, a teenage son, and three grandchildren. Dr. McCree’s upbeat personality is seen through his signature greeting, “It’s a great day!”


Our mission


Laser Focus Leadership Solutions LLC is committed to helping clients understand and address their human resource needs in practical and pragmatic ways.

We aim first to understand the culture of the organization and to identify solutions that are appropriate for the specific circumstances. We bring expertise and experience from working with major corporations but are able to address client needs in a more personalized and flexible manner.


Engagements range from large scale program or process interventions sponsored by human resources to advice and guidance for individual leaders. We pride ourselves on being a diverse team that brings a wide range of different consulting and life experiences and perspectives to each and every assignment.

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Agile Workplace


John F. Kennedy once said, “There’s only one unchangeable truth and that is, everything will change.”


No matter the industry, there has never been a greater time for leadership and staff to possess the ability to manage change and industry disruption. This is especially true with environmental shifts.

Our incredibly transforming presentation entitled "SPARK: 5 Strategies to Managing Change & Creating An Agile Workplace", 

focuses on expanding your change management capacity, and finding solutions to industry shifts.


This presentation is in-depth, interactive, and entertaining, yet highly growth-centered.


With a 97% documented "Well Above Average" satisfaction rating, your audience will come away with a new perspective on change and more importantly, answers to the (5) most critical questions staff face when crossing unfamiliar thresholds.



Traction: Increase Engagement


Do you know the level of staff or partner disengagement at your business or organization? According to a recent Gallup poll, only 33% of workers in the United States are engaged in their jobs, which means the remaining 51% of employees are disengaged and 16% are actively disengaged.


Disengaged employees cost companies productivity, which leads to longer workdays, which leads to frustration and stress, which leads to a lack of motivation and eventually attrition. Each day the staff is disengaged, companies loose productivity and ultimately profits.

In my "Traction: Increase Engagement Through Function Identification", you will learn what our other clients like Subway and Aveda Corporation have learned, knowing your function is the key to team alignment and unlocking latent employee potential.


Communication Matters


The ability to communicate effectively in business or at work is crucial, but few leaders have mastered this vital skill. They may be great at talking, but that holds no value if their messages are unclear, communicated in the wrong way, and misunderstood or misinterpreted by the intended audience. 


My presentation "Connect: Why Words Are Not Enough", not only provides clear strategies on effective communication across generational and cultural differences but skill development on how to use storytelling in messaging.

What sets us apart?


Laser Focus Leadership Solutions provides small firm service with big firm expertise.


Our leadership team has decades of consulting and corporate experience. As a boutique firm, Laser Focus can apply the skills acquired from those organizations and provide our clients with more personalized attention and accessibility. Think of us as your hand-picked cabinet of advisors.


We focus on long-term client relationships.


It is exciting to engage new clients, but we are most proud of the partnerships we have formed with our long-standing clients. These relationships enable us to design and implement sustainable programs that become woven into the fabric of our clients' culture. Laser Focus Leadership Solutions can be your remote leadership development department.


We are diverse in more ways than one.


At Laser Focus Leadership Solutions, we celebrate our differences whether they be cultural, social, intellectual, or demographic.  Our composition reflects our clients: diverse, inclusive and multidimensional.