Diversity, Inclusion, & The Power of Belonging

John F. Kennedy once said, “If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.” 


This incredibly transforming presentation entitled "Diversity, Inclusion, and The Power of Belonging" focuses on the power of diverse relationships, the benefits of inclusion, and how they impact human potential and stir innovation. Delivered creatively utilizing cake recipes, the group Boyz II Men, Relevant Information, and Unassuming Short videos, this D & I presentation is a fun, growth centered approach to learning how organizations can cultivate belonging. 

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case study

Diversity & Inclusion

Research from McKinsey & Company and New York’s Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) shows that companies focused on diversity in the workplace are more profitable than homogenous companies. “Two-dimensional diversity,” a metric coined by CTI, refers to inherent qualities like gender, age, and race. Their research, spanning more than 40 case studies and 1,800 employee surveys, shows that publicly-traded companies with 2-D diversity were more likely to have expanded their market shares and captured new markets in the last twelve months.