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What is the Laser Focus Growth Coach Certification Program?

The Laser Focus Growth Coach Program is a 12 Week Coaching Intensive comprised of webinars, modules, exercises and unlike many online programs, our program includes one on one imprint sessions with your Master Coach.

Additionally, rather than focus on memorization, our program is about you mastering the art of coaching and to be able to apply what you’ve learned in your own coaching process. 


Our team at Laser Focus believes the real test is the application of the tools that you are given. That is why we design the program so that you take it as a coach but also from the client’s perspective. 


In other words, you will be applying the tools to your own life in the process so that you have first-hand experience and can then better apply it to your clients. 


Many of our coaches also revisit the material more than once as needed as they work with clients and have ongoing access to their Master Coach and our business operations staff. 


Finally, while our program is nonacademic and more about owning and understanding a process, we do believe it’s vital to demonstrate a mastery of coaching modalities. As such, a verbal exam is provided at the conclusion of the 12-week certification program.

Next Certification Start Date June 7, 2021

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Growth Coach Training Program

The fact that you have come this far implies that something inside you is interested in the concept of coaching. A little voice down deep within you acknowledging a desire to help others. Coaching skills are very portable, allowing you to practice from almost any location in the world and at any time.

Coaching is an incredible profession! From obtaining your first client to diversifying into a full-time Coaching practice with multiple income streams. The Growth Coach Certification is a learning program that methodically walks you through each of the precise steps necessary to assist you in helping future clients reach their goals. Below, are some of the questions that we are more commonly asked.

How do I know if Coaching is right for me?

Ask yourself the following questions and if the answer is YES, then Coaching IS right for you:

  • Do you like people
  • Are you a good listener?
  • Do you easily develop a rapport with others?
  • Do you like to take pride in other’s success?
  • Do you enjoy helping others?
  • Do you want to make a difference in the world?
  • Do you want financial independence?
  • Do you want to continue to grow spiritually?
  • Do you desire to work at a job you love?

What is the typical income of a Coach?

The International Coach Federation estimates that there are approximately 16,000 part-time and full-time coaches worldwide, with an average annual income ranging from $35,000 to $100,000 and up. Certain specialty coaches earn considerably more.

Are there any prerequisites to becoming a Coach?

There are no prerequisites to becoming a Coach. However, there are some MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:

  • Our programs are designed for self-directed, mature adults
  • a student must be of legal age of consent
  • Proficiency in English
  • Good written skills
  • Willingness to help others
  • Freely expresses openness
  • Embodies empathy, compassion toward others.

If you have questions about your eligibility to become a coach, please contact us and we will be happy to speak with you.

Why is your course tuition so reasonable?

We have made it our policy to use a combination of electronic technologies as our primary vehicle for the delivery of our video input sessions and LIVE one on one sessions with your Master Coach to help you hone your coaching skills.

This means that it isn’t necessary for us to charge exorbitant tuition in order to maintain a physical campus.
With this in mind, we offer condensed accredited coach training aimed to serve you better, faster, and for less money than any other training program of comparable quality.

We also believe that charging higher tuition prices to keep students in training longer than necessary is not conducive to fair practice.

We believe in providing the very best, state of the art training at a fair and reasonable price to you, the student.

What are my program learning options?

The Laser Focus Growth Coach Certification Team believes strongly that everyone’s style of learning is different. This primary belief is why we have made both the Certified Growth Coach programs available in a format suitable to most individuals.

As our student, you receive your training through convenient, relaxed, webinars. Joining us via pre-recorded webinar format is our way of making you feel just like you were there! It’s convenient and easy.

Is Accreditation a must?

First, we must clarify a common misconception.

The term “accreditation” is applied to a program, while the term “certification” is applied to an individual.

To follow through with this theme, the Laser Focus Growth Coach Certification content is used by permission of Life Forming Leadership Coaching Program and thus all of our modules are accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF) as “Approved Coach Specific Training Hours.”
Graduates of an approved program become a certified coach. Accreditation assures you, the prospective student, that the program content has been assessed and reviewed for its inclusive content of the eleven core competencies and ethical standards as recognized and adopted by most world-wide coaching organizations.

Are there any hidden program costs?

No, there are no hidden costs.

Your course includes everything you need to successfully complete your coaching Certification with a guarantee of no hidden extras.

Tuition includes all course materials, notes, supplemental reading and resources. Tuition fees include all taxes with the exception of some individuals who reside within Canada.

Enduring Certification which requires no ongoing renewal.

How long will it take to complete my program?

The guidelines for completion of the Laser Focus Growth Coach Certification is 3 – months (12 Weeks).

We have some flexibility when indicators suggest that a student has current life issues that will slow his or her progress. At any time should you find that you are not able to keep up to the study schedule, we ask that you speak with the Chief Learning Officer so that arrangements can be made to assist you to complete the program in accordance to your current situation.

Is there one coaching model I must adhere to?

Absolutely not.

We firmly believe that the face of coaching is an ever-evolving profession. We do not favor any particular Coaching model over another.

Our program, however, will teach you the accepted ‘standard of practice’ model. We encourage our students to continue to develop his or her discipline as they so choose based on their particular background, strengths and interests by joining our ongoing Coaching Toolkit Expansion Sessions (CTE’s). We typically offer these twice a year.

Do Coaches specialize?

Although many Coaches prefer to keep their options open, a great many coaches do choose to specialize and focus on a particular niche’ in the marketplace.

Business, organizational, health and fitness, relationship, career, confidence, self-esteem, and finances are just a few areas of specialty that we can mention here.

The list is endless and you are only held by your imagination and your interests. Deciding on if a specialty niche is right for you, and discovering just what that niche should be is part of your learning experience in the program.

Once I graduate, must I join a Governing Body?

To date, there is still no ‘one’ accepted regulatory body for the life coaching professional.

How will I be graded while doing my program?

Our purpose is not so much as to ‘grade you’ as it is to provide you with the right tools and the knowledge of how to use them correctly.

That said, students must complete all webinars, coursework modules, input sessions with their Master Coach for evaluation and a final exam.

Students must receive 80% or better to pass the exam. Students who fail to receive 80% or better on the exam will be invited to retake the exam within 30-days at a cost of $150.00 USD. Upon successful completion you will receive your certificate of designation as a ‘Laser Focus Growth Coach.’

If I cancel my program, will I receive a refund?

Our course materials are provided for the purpose of certification attainment and they are considered intellectual property and is internationally protected by copyright. After a student is assigned a USERNAME and PASSWORD to the electronic portal or have received their Laser Focus Growth Coach Certification Course Manual, no refund is permitted under any circumstances.

Will I receive the support that I need when doing the program and after my completion?


As our student you are never alone!

Students may contact the Chief Learning Officer at any time should there be any questions, whatsoever.

Students also receive ongoing periodic support emails and opportunities to participate in the previously stated Coaching Toolkit Expansion Sessions (CTE’s). This ongoing correspondence is filled with ideas and suggestions for building your business, growing your client-base and keeping you inspired.

Upon completion of my program do I receive a certificate?

Every successful graduate of the program will receive their Laser Focus Growth Coach Certification.

Are there any associated alumni costs?

It is imperative that every Coach maintain an ongoing relationship with Laser Focus Leadership Solutions Coaching Program.

Your Certification is only the first step of many to achieving a successful coaching practice and establishing a reputation as an entity that is respected in the coaching industry.

We’ve learned quite a bit over our 11-years in the business and remaining connected to our team helps you shorten your learning curve.

Is there anyone I can address my other questions too?

Yes! You can reach our Business Operations Manager by visiting our Contact page.

We would be happy to receive your call and assist you in any manner that we can.

Business Operations Manager is available to receive your phone call and answer your questions each Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

Once I purchase my course, how soon can I begin my studies?

Once you have purchased and registered for your course, you will receive a Welcome email immediately and access to coursework approximately 7 – 10 days before the start of their Laser Focus Growth Coach Certification Track.

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Michele G., Certified Laser Focus Growth Coach

"It prepared me by taking me through the process... you can’t teach what you haven’t mastered!  Thank you for the experience."

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