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Agile Workforce & Performance

Workforce agility is needed now more than ever. Facing increasing competition, shrinking product life cycles and rapidly evolving customer interests, churches, small businesses, companies, and organizations are left with the option of either becoming agile or facing a slow death as today's operations and procedures become tomorrow's obstacles.


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Sometimes clients simply need an external perspective regarding unique leadership challenges they are facing in their organization. We provide general consulting on a wide range of leadership related topics including such things as growing a leadership pipeline, handling conflicts between leaders, and helping leadership teams through difficult transitions.

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This incredibly transforming presentation entitled "Diversity, Inclusion, and The Power of Belonging" focuses on the power of diverse relationships, the benefits of inclusion, and how they impact human potential and stir innovation. Delivered creatively utilizing cake recipes, the group Boyz II Men, Relevant Information, and Unassuming Short videos, this D & I presentation is a fun, growth centered approach to learning how organizations can cultivate belonging. 

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Is your leadership team prepared to take on key business challenges they face? Organizations need to identify leadership development needs, create action plans, and measure individual progress in the same way they manage other critical profit drivers for the business.

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The difference is in the details.


Keynote Presentation

Keynotes for Laser Focus Leadership Solutions entails motivation, inspiration but more importantly, TRANSFORMATION. Our primary goal is to have an authentic connection with your audience, provide sound research, leverage your unique gifts and accelerate your individual and corporate success.


Mastermind Groups

A Mastermind is where like-minded individuals meet to crowd source best-practice solutions to their most pressing business problems.


One of the hard parts of being an entrepreneur, leading teams or guiding faith organizations is the psychological weight of being the key decision-maker. 


Quite often, key decision’s and metrics depends on you.


For this reason our Mastermind exist, to provide a safe space to connect with and be around people who understand your journey, your challenges and have similar goals. 



Training Session

Laser Focus Leadership Solutions strives to create training and development sessions that directly address our clients' needs. We offer programming that is tailored to the preferences of the audience, and not simply taken "off the rack". Give us 20 minutes, 2 hours, or 2 days, and we can make an impact.


Ancillary Services Offered:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Employee 365 Reviews

  • Leadership Authenticity Assessment

  • Personality Assessment

  • Climate Surveys

  • Life Balance Assessment