Have You Accepted Your Leadership Contract?

Updated: Feb 15

One thing I've learned over the years serving in various leadership capacities is this, LEADERSHIP IS A CONTRACT!

Teachers, Coaches, and even Parents have agreed either in writing or by the commitment of the heart, to establish a set of guidelines and principles to both live by and lead by.

Teachers take special care to use multiple learning disciplines to reach students who learn at a different pace or have a unique way they learn. Teachers do so not because they are paid well, they are often underpaid. But, they do so because they have a contract with their students.

Coaches often staff their team with sports psychologists and use their creativity to concoct strategies to help their players excel and increase performance. They do so because it impacts the team constructs and increases their chances of winning.

While parents have no written contracts with their children, they're often the last to go to bed and, often the first to rise. Why? Because they have an internal contractual obligation to do what is best for their children.

Regardless of whether you're a teacher, coach, parent, or serve in another capacity, there are certain principles that are inherent with one who sits in the position of leadership. There are many but, these three are important anchors for any leader.

1. ACCOUNTABILITY - Leadership Accountability is essential for colleagues and staff when maintaining the trust and it informs staff on your integrity.

2. BE AN EXAMPLE - No longer can we declare, "do as I say, not as I do." More than ever, we must understand that our tone, tenor, and behavior influence the behavior and attitudes of others.

3. CARE FOR THOSE YOU LEAD - When leaders care for their staff and team members and actually show it, their teams not only have a greater commitment to the team but are more likely to embrace organizational goals and become more engaged.

No matter where we find ourselves, at home, in a classroom, on a field or court, the first requirement of leadership is that you honor the LEADERSHIP CONTRACT!


Kelvin is the Chief Learning Officer of Laser Focus Leadership Solutions, LLC. His signature programs are focused on cultivating an agile workforce and increasing employee engagement. He develops leadership competencies in some of the nation’s leading banking institutions and statewide tax authority systems through customized training and keynotes speaking.

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