The 95% Rule

Anything worth doing in life takes time, especially when we're talking about setting personal or professional goals. Let's be honest, reaching our goals is hard work, takes time and an insatiable commitment to achieve. As an entrepreneur and retired pastor, I've learned that results rarely come as quickly as you hope. It's easy to lose hope, motivation, and give up when defeats mount up. BUT, I HAVE GREAT NEWS!

Research has shown that everything changes when you leverage an accountability system. To “be accountable,” all you need is a clear goal and a willingness to let others help you achieve it. The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that you have a 65% of completing a goal if you commit to someone. And if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%. What Happens When There's NO Accountability? When there is NO accountability, we're usually unaware of failures and personal blind spots. We've all been there, thinking that we've done a great job when in reality, we were completely oblivious to the mistake we made or the mess we were creating.

When there is NO accountability, it becomes easier to blame other and avoid personal responsibility.You are a VICTOR not a VICTIM, but the realization of your VICTORY requires turning the finger away from others and pointing it back at yourself.

When there is NO accountability, we retreat to excuses rather than focus on results. Sometimes, it’s not that you needed more time, more funding or better training. Many times the real culprit is procrastination, avoidance or lack of focus. You can decide right here, right now, at this very moment, to make a commitment that matters to your goal. It can be your spouse, a close friend, or another entrepreneur with whom you can share your goal(s) and why you need to them to help you achieve it. You are one decision away from tapping into the 95% rule.


Kelvin is the author of Audacious Authenticity: Leading and Living With Congruency, a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, retired pastor of 17 years and leadership expert, who provides timeless strategies on building leadership capacity, team synergy and navigating change.

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