Pivots and Pictures

Moving into new moments can be and should be very exciting for anyone. It's an opportunity to set new goals, pivot and face forward. However, anyone that has studied human behavior are aware the fear of loss often has a greater impact on the psyche than the pleasure of gain. It is at these moments people fail to make adjustments that promote healthy forward movement for fear of what they might lose. Let me say unequivocally that you were never built to function out of fear. You were built to attain, succeed and boldly face your life journey.

There are three important dimensions about your journey toward your target that you must understand.

1) Have a clear revelation of where you're going.

  • To see beyond vision blinders and obstructions, we must take time to de-clutter our hearts and minds.

  • Take the time to evaluate what needs to remain behind and what in your life isn't working.

2) Incarnate the passion that's needed for vision realization.

  • Vision without passion is powerless.

  • To be passionless is to be goal less.

  • My instructor Bob Biel says, “Without an adequate answer to the question why, any price is too high”.

  • You will not stay focused on a mark you're not passionate about or don't have a why for!

3) Embrace pressure as an opportunity for growth and capacity expansion.

  • The ability to no buckle under the weight of change and adversity is critical to staying in the game and vision realization.

  • The real human struggle is not setting goals (although it may be for some) it's really learning to develop a mastery over of self when adversity confronts us.

  • We must remind ourselves during these difficult moments that success is a series of tiny achievements reached by an unwillingness to back down. remind ourselves during these difficult moments that success is a series of tiny achievements reached by an unwillingness to back down.

Finally, I'm reminded of the story of one of the most amazing women I know, my wife. Having never known her father, homeless throughout much of her youth, often sleeping in orange groves to survive and pregnant at 16 years old, she didn't simply survive, but she thrived. Her focus, passion and ability to do the heavy lifting under pressure, propelled her to working in city government by the time she was 17 and eventually a top manager in the healthcare field.

You're Closer Than You Think!


Kelvin is the author of Audacious Authenticity: Leading and Living With Congruency, a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, retired pastor of 17 years and leadership expert, who provides timeless strategies on building leadership capacity, team synergy and navigating change.

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