Updated: Feb 14, 2020

I often approach our client's organizational issues and barriers with one simple approach, no matter what we face, "it's just an issue.

When we begin with this one premise, "it's just an issue", there is absolutely nothing that can’t be solved. Issues are issues, they simply vary in size and the emotions they invoke.

My experience working with teams has shown the number one issue is usually "people issues." Often leaders are hesitant or completely avoid addressing people problems due to either the fear of pain or the perceived adverse outcome.

There are two types of problem solving, GOOD and BAD

I happen to live in Florida where we face the threat of a hurricane at least once or twice a year (It's a trade off for our great beaches, LOL). Using good problem solving skills is like flying to Florida during hurricane season and running directly into the eye of a hurricane.


Very few people would knowingly book a flight to Florida, with the express purpose of encountering the eye of a hurricane. YEAH, THAT WOULD BE CRAZY!

However, facing organizational issues is exactly like flying through the eye of a Florida hurricane. You're likely to feel nervous, experience some serious turbulence, and consider saying a prayer but, the reality is you will most likely land safely.

Once you land and look back on the fact you survived the storm, the turbulence and the captain announcing to fasten your seatbelts, you begin to get your mental and emotional equilibrium back

What started as a stomach turning ordeal quickly shifts to the bright Florida sunshine and the beauty and tranquility of a weeklong vacation at one of Florida's world class beaches.

While I'm no expert by any stretch, being a Floridian, you learn a thing or two about hurricanes. One thing I've learned over the years is that, the turbulence is routinely centered around the storms eye.

Make It Through The Turbulence With (3) Simple Strategies:

Identify The Problem - What is the issue?

Discuss The Problem - What is its impact?

Solve The Problem - Come up with solutions not excuses!

Most of the organizational and team issues we continually face are due to avoiding going through a storm. My encouragement to you as a leader, staff member, entreprenuer or just someone doing life, TRUST THE PROCESS!




Inspired by his passion for seeing radical success in others, Kelvin focuses on helping organizations and their leaders achieve greater productivity, team synergy, and higher engagement levels.

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