of the most difficult things to face in the workplace is conflict. Some are better than others at leveraging their voice and influence but, many learn to deal with workplace conflict by, well, not dealing with it. These quiet, often reluctant and disengaged team members are often great employees but, they do not find it within themselves to fight back by speaking up.

Martin Luther King eluded to the impact of our silence stating, we should not “become silent about things that matter. ”It is certainly easy to justify being silent and allowing the loudest voices to dominant the workplace culture and rule the day. However, I want you to consider how damaging that behavior is for both you and your team. I get that conflict makes most of us uncomfortable and even emotional for some but, what if you can look at conflict as a healthy way to flesh out creative ideas.

Healthy Conflict Help Organizations Reach Their Potential

Your organization or your team will never tap into their latent potential without some form of conflict. When we assemble diverse ideas, creative minds and various personalities on a team, conflict is bound to emerge. If you aren’t contributing anything to those best answers by opening your mouth and sharing your insights (as vulnerable as that might make you feel) you are doing your team a great disservice.

So here are three ways you can contribute to a healthy workplace that I have lifted from my Organizational Development System, “The Eight Pillars of High Performing Organizations”:

  1. Don’t Seek to Be the Smartest.  None of us have all the answers, and if you do, I encourage you to seek out new people who are smarter than you. To get to the truly great answers, we need to collaborate and chop it up with some great, enthusiastic team members.

  2. Establish A Just Say It Rule: Nike’s tag line is “Just Do It” but to get team members engaged, we must create a culture where they can “Just Say It.” Why is that important? Because when you’re searching for innovative ideas, they often originate from a flawed, unvarnished beginning. However, these imperfect proposals are the building blocks for something better.

  3. Celebrate Functions: Like the human body, we have many functions but just one body. As soon as it becomes about you, your team is going to suffer and their functions become disengaged. Remember, it’s about the whole not just you.

Having founded, lead and consulted with organizations for many years, there is one inevitable truth, good fruit can emerge from places and things we tend to initially avoid. Your voice matters and having it will go a long way in making the team and your organization healthier.



Inspired by his passion for seeing radical success in others, Kelvin focuses on helping organizations and their leaders achieve greater productivity, quality customer satisfaction, and profits through higher engagement levels.

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