Follower-ship Matters!

Everyone wants to give you tips and tricks to improve your leadership skills. In fact, if you search for “leadership” as a keyword in Google Scholar, you’ll see 139,000 articles from 2018 alone.

That makes some sense; leadership is a skill set that can earn you a job, that often commands respect and that could help you earn a higher income. But until you’re actually in a leadership position, what can you do?

As a organizational consultant and executive coach, I’d say that’s the best time to hone your follower-shipskillset. Follower-ship may not sound quite as glamorous and let’s set aside the assumption that leadership is glamorous. Now let’s focus on this important factor: Effective and deliberate follower-ship skills are just as important to the development of a career as your leadership chops.

Here’s why followership matters:

1. Learning to follow can make you a more empathetic leader.

2. Developing followership skill sets can transform you into a more successful leader.

I have spent a great deal of time and money in school, coach training programs and investing in developing as a practitioner. I've done so because, I am fascinated with what makes phenomenal leadership, organizations and why some leaders are more effective than others. However, as I have consulted with and observed leadership in organizations and talked with their staff in real settings, I soon realized that the follower-ship skillset can also have an incredible impact on an entire organization.

If you haven't ascended the ladder to be designated an "official" leader in your company, organization or church, remember this, you can ruin a company's reputation from the lowest position or create new opportunities from that same place.

Follow To Lead Because, #HowWeFollowMatters!



Inspired by his passion for seeing radical success in others, Kelvin focuses on helping organizations and their leaders achieve greater productivity, quality customer satisfaction, and profits through higher engagement levels. (Inspired by Santos Abrilz)

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