Are You Solving The Wrong Problem?

Recently I conducted a 1/2 day leadership training in Tucson Arizona. In the audience were military personnel, not for profit organizations and pastoral and leadership staff from local churches. It was one of my latest leadership programs and I must say, boy was it one of my most fun and engaging sessions.

One common theme during the training was one I hadn't expected. One of the challenges leadership teams encountered was that they often focused on a staff issue. There is a natural tendency to discuss staff issues without identifying the root cause of the issue. This approach seems plausible but is likely a symptom of what is truly happening.

Whether in life, business or ministry, if you immediately start discussing the apparent issue, without thinking more deeply about the root of the issue, you'll likely end up solving the wrong issue.

What Steps You Can Take To Transform An Issue.

  1. Identify the systems (patterns/practices) of the issue NOT the symptom of the issue.

  2. Make a list of the 2 - 5 functions that need to change.

  3. Start with a plan and focus on one area at a time.

  4. Find a mentor or accountability partner who can help you navigate the space between where you are and where you desire to be.

Happy Transforming!


Kelvin is the author of Audacious Authenticity: Leading and Living With Congruency, a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, retired pastor of 17 years and leadership expert, who provides timeless strategies on building leadership capacity, team synergy and navigating change.

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