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Leaders at every level are faced with handling the challenges associated with leading in a rapidly changing environment. At the same time, they must focus on their own development in order to remain effective. Executive coaching is an effective way for leaders to identify and refine the skills that are critical for their continued success.  Leaders often utilize coaching to develop key skills, facilitate a transition, seek advice and guidance around complex issues, and address undesirable behaviors. The process provides an insightful and trustworthy opportunity to discuss the issues that impact effectiveness.

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Executive Coaching

A seasoned and generally well-regarded leader in a large banking organization had a reputation for flawless execution and deep expertise. When he was promoted into a broader leadership role and found himself accountable to get a great deal of work done informally through others, he struggled. Given his interest to improve and the organization's view of his long term potential, he inquired about an executive coach to help him before things went awry in what was a critical and highly visible role. Laser Focus was brought in to do personalized executive coaching in order to help him better understand how his style impacted those around him and to discuss practical behavioral changes that were needed. While the results of the process were challenging for him to hear, he soon began to appreciate that his success depended on his ability to adjust and adapt. After committing to developing new behavioral "habits" over time, he began to see the results - which ultimately allowed him to continue his upward trajectory and feel personally better about the impact he could have.