We go far deeper and work with your team to identify the hidden barriers to your growth. Then we help you develop a  plan to unlock new opportunities.

........ Here's What Our Clients Had To Say.





~A. Richards, Kingston, Jamaica






The Staff Development Training was very informative . Kelvin's communication skills were phenomenal.  As an added bonus, He and his team even helped us create a set of Core Values for our organization.

~ C. Turck, Hart and Huntington Tattoo Co., Orlando, FL

Our organization has truly benefited from many engagements with Laser Focus Leadership Solutions including executive coaching, leadership trainings, and team-building with our Senior Leadership Team. We have worked closely with Kelvin who has a reputation within our organization as a solid, insightful professional who establishes mutual trust, built on honesty and respect.


~ C. Larkins, President & Founder, Pittsburg, PA

"The capable and experienced team at Laser Focus Leadership Solutions is adept at delivering executive development initiatives which are aligned with and support both the unique needs of the individual and the complexities of the business. Our time and money resulted in a highly successful outcome and exemplified a very professional and client focused effort."

~ T. Weiser, Human Resource Learning & Development Director